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Energy Management :

Mepco Integrated Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. supports governments and property developers in implementing Energy Efficiency Buildings. Combining energy management with operation and maintenance services ensures maximum reliability and energy savings.

The regions energy consumption has grown so quickly that some countries are having difficulty meeting demand, resulting in power cuts during peak times in summer.

Energy Efficiency in public and private buildings

Energy efficiency is central for the transition to a resource efficient economy, it is one of the most cost effective ways to enhance security of energy supply and to reduce energy demand and emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Nevertheless, three main challenges remain for the development of Energy Efficiency in the public sector.

Excellence and innovation in Technical

To actually achieve maximum reliability and energy savings, specific technical background is required. Mapco’s facilities and energy management expertise provides methods and technologies for reducing energy consumption, running and maintaining the facilities to attain optimal performance.

Guaranteed results

Mepco Integrated Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. delivers guarantees regarding the profitability of such investments, both from a technical (physical savings) and economic (financial savings) standpoint. Our Performance Management System categorizes Key Performance Indicators and delivers accurate measurement of results and efficient performance scoring.

Local / International Regulatory compliance

The introduction of Energy Efficiency measures or the implementation of Energy Efficiency regulations in public buildings is crucial step towards a resource efficient economy. Everyday Mepco Integrated Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. experts help public buildings to improve their environmental performance and meet or exceed all relevant standards and regulations.

Thanks to its in house technical capabilities, to its range of offers each delivering guaranteed technical and economic results through the relevant services and to its recent accreditation in line with local regulation, Mepco Integrated Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. found realistic answers to the aforementioned challenges.

Mepco’s Building Energy Efficiency Services can yield substantial energy savings, while supporting economic growth, sustainable development and creating jobs.

Sustainability :

We at Mepco Integrated Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. religiously adopt sustainable practices by following three basic 3 R principle of Sustainability; ‘’ Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’’

We apply 3R principle in every walk of our service delivery and bring in value added benefits to our customers including energy /after saving, process improvement, Economic material usage, cost avoidance, improved assets life cycle, etc…

Leading to a spectrum of benefits to all our client, stake holders, the environment and society we live in.

We focus on Energy / carbon foot print reduction, contribution to reduce resource depletion, engage in CSR activities whereby bringing tangible and intangible benefits to all stakeholders. We work with and support our customers from advising to successful implementation of sustainable processes.

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